Saturday, October 27, 2007

Blogging will be light...

I'm flying out to Arizona tomorrow to do some recruitment travel and to attend the National Conference of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society.
On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I will be visiting the Navajo & Hopi tribes in northern Arizona to do some recruitment. And, then from Thursday through Sunday I will be in Phoenix for the AISES conference.
I will try to blog about my travels while I'm on the road, but Hopi & Navajo land tends to be extremely rural so I don't know how much internet access I will have, but I'll try.

Flag of the sovereign Hopi Nation

I've never been to Arizona, Hopi or Dinetah (Navajo Nation) so I'm really excited to be able to go. I'm going to try and make the most of this trip and see as much as I can. Hopefully I'll be able to make it to the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley, among other stops.

Flag of the sovereign Navajo Nation

I'll be back in New York by Nov. 5 and will resume normal blogerly duties then.

Thanks Be to God, Boomer Sooner and GO RED SOX!
Feast of Bl. Barthomew of Vincenza (1200-1271)


At 10:55 PM, Blogger Who Am I? said...

Enjoy Arizona! I know I'm rather fond of it.

At 11:28 PM, Blogger DrillerAA said...

Just found your blog.
Glad to see another Sooner. Stop by anytime.
Roll on Crimson and Cream...Roll On!!! Sooner Alum 1978!!!


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