Saturday, September 30, 2006

Ah, Harvard...

I often catch myself being overly negative about my experiences here at Harvard and about the Boston area. But, then there are those moments when I catch myself just in total awe of the fact that I'm even at Harvard!

Sometimes it will just all of sudden hit me that I'm at Harvard and I'll often say to myself, "Holy Crap! I'm at freakin' Harvard!" I'm still not sure how it happened, or exactly what it was about my application that caused the admissions committee to approve my application (maybe it was an off year for them?). But, I am truly thankful for the opportunities that have opened up for me simply because I get to put two little words, Harvard University, on all of my paperwork.

Is the swooning that happens when people hear the Harvard name (commonly known around campus as "dropping the H-bomb") justified? Probably not. Oftentimes, I feel as if I'm just paying...overpaying...for a name brand. And, while there is some truth in that it is also true that there are some awesome opportunities to be had here.

I mean, where else would the entire Navajo Nation Supreme Court travel to have a hearing? And who else would pay for such a trip other than Harvard?

Where else can I take classes with not only world class scholars, but have social time with them on a near daily basis. While I don't agree with most of them, just interacting with them can be amazingly intellectually stimulating.

The opportunities and people I've met here have been amazing! Something that I am truly thankful for.

Yes, there are things here that I absolutely can't stand...yet, I wouldn't trade the experience I've had here for anything.

Thanks Be to God, Boomer Sooner and Go Crimson!
Feast of St. Jerome


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