Sunday, December 10, 2006

iPod Shuffle of the Week...

1. Undo Me. Jennifer Knapp
2. Eileen’s Song. Burlap to Cashmere
3. Police in Helicopter. Allstar Ska Orchestra
4. El Con…….2000. Desorden Publico
5. Mississipi Girl. Faith Hill
6. Brain on Ska. Mustard Plug
7. War Dance. Cozad (powwow song)
8. Intertribal Song. Black Lodge Singers (powwow song)
9. Rest of the World. Skankin’ Pickle
10. Intro. Violent Femmes

Hmmm, lots of Ska this week…interesting.

The rules, for anybody who wants to play:

Get your iPod or media-player of choice, select your whole music collection, set the thing to shuffle (i.e., randomized playback), then post the first ten songs that come out. No cheating, no matter how stupid it makes you feel!

Thanks Be to God and Boomer Sooner!
Second Sunday of Advent


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