Sunday, December 16, 2007


OMG! I recently found a site that offers financial accounting/management for free. I've never used Quicken or MSMoney, but if I understand it correctly this site works similarly to those programs.

The site is called
Wesabe and it is a totally secure site where you can upload your financial data and then tag it however you want to. For example I've decided to use the tags "food," "groceries," and "restaurant." Then, once everything is uploaded, I can see how much I'm spending on food overall, and then a breakdown of "groceries" vs. "restaurant". I can actually see (fairly instantly) how much I'm spending to eat at home vs. eating out. Amazing!

Personally, the biggest surprise to me is the amount of money I'm spending on ATM fees. I knew I was spending a fair amount, no real idea how much. Now, I do. It's quite a bit, but part of it is explainable because I don't have a car to easily get to non-fee atms. But, now that I know how much I'm spending I can be more mindful when I am getting cash.

Here's another fantastic thing about Wesabe. You get suggestions and tips from other users who are dealing with the same issues as you and have found sites/stores/tips to help you save money!!!

Again, this is a totally FREE and SECURE site and service. I recommend it HIGHLY!

Anyway, I LOVE this site/service. You should definitely check it out. Here's a general introduction video for Wesabe (you can find more videos about specific functions of Wesabe on the site and on Youtube):

Wesabe website



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