Tuesday, September 04, 2007

#5 and Quote of the week...

My beloved Oklahoma Sooners moved up to #5 in the AP Poll this week after kicking the snot out of North Texas 79-10!
Rumor has it that Coach Stoops instructed the running backs to just fall down if they broke past the offensive line in the fourth quarter. TOO FRIGGIN' AWESOME!
Sam Bradford looked really good this past weekend. We'll be able to tell more this weekend though when Miami comes into Norman. This should be a real test for the Sooners and we'll be able to see just how good the Sooners could be.
Quote of the week:
"You know you're not in high school anymore when you see the Sooner Schooner rollin' in!"
Reese Davis referring to rookie North Texas head coach Todd Dodge who took over the Mean Grean straight from coaching high school.

QB Sam Bradford against UNT

Thanks Be to God and BOOMER SOONER!

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