Thursday, July 05, 2007

I miss Oklahoma...

Yes, there are times when I miss Oklahoma soooo much! While I was living there, I never thought I'd miss the place so much. I'm not a real fan of the climate or the geography, as varied as it is, but I absolutely fell in love with the people.

Oklahomans may just be the best people on the planet! Everyone there welcomed me with open arms, supported me when I was down and generally made my life worth living.

You've probably seen the news about the storms that have been pummeling Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas...some of you may be wading through them. While my heart breaks for the people who've been affected, I know they'll rebound just as strong as they were prior to the flooding and they'll make life better...that's just the kind of people they are!

My friend Diana sent me these pictures of Turner Falls, located in southern Oklahoma near Ardmore.

before the rains

after the rains

And unless you're from Oklahoma, you have no idea how seriously Oklahomans take the weather. I used to complain constantly that the tv weathermen in Oklahoma would interrupt any tv show, even the Super Bowl or Billy Graham, to let you know it was raining 300 miles from you! But, I have to admit, I kinda miss Rick Mitchell, Mike Morgan, and especially Gary England. Even Jon Stewart and The Daily Show (via Melessa) have found the glory that is Gary England...

And what's even better is that KWTV 9 and Gary England, while finding Stewart's bit funny, DEFENDED the commercial (watch the following to the end)! Too funny!
Thanks Be to God and God Bless Oklahoma!

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