Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Bullets don't kill people, Jack Bauer kills people!

Jack Bauer is the most kick-ass character on TV today.

If Jack Bauer were on the hunt for Osama Bin Laden, Bin Laden would just turn himself in...'cause he'd know his life was worthless! Jack is that bad!

In case you're not in the loop Jack Bauer is the lead character (played by Keifer Sutherland) on the Fox TV show 24. 24 follows a fictional government agency known as the Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) that has to save the country one day at a time! The thing that makes this show so exciting is that each season takes place in real time...each episode is one hour in one day, hence one season equals one day or 24 hours!

Unfortunately, the new season of 24 doesn't come on until January so that Fox can show all 24 episodes back to back with no repeats, which makes for friggin' good TV!!!! But you can catch former seasons in reruns or on DVD, so check it out!

But until then I'm adding a special feature on my right hand sidebar Random Facts About Jack Bauer! I'll place various facts about Jack Bauer there as an homage to the most kick-ass character on TV!

Thanks Be to God and Jack Bauer! Oh, and Boomer Sooner too!


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