Sunday, October 08, 2006

Big brother to the rescue!

I went shopping for a new rifle today! It's a special rifle, it's going to be used to scare the bejesus out of the creep who is dating my little sister! And, if need be, fill him full of holes! Don't worry, I'd never kill him, just maim him a little :-p

You see, I just found out that my little sister, who happens to have just turned 18 but hasn't graduated from high school dating a 23 year old Captain in the Air Force! This has evidently been going on for awhile, so while you might say "well, she's 18," that means that they started dating while she was 17!

What on God's green earth does a 23 year old see in a 17, much less 18, year old? I think I know! And I'm friggin' not happy about it!

My little sister is brilliant, and has already received a half scholarship to attend Duke University and is trying to find enough more money to make that a reality. I will not have this creep taking advantage of my sister and jeopardizing her future!

Supposedly this thing is serious enough that his parents are going to Oklahoma to visit and meet her and my sister is planning to fly to Massachusetts in May to visit his family. This is not going to do!

God give me strength, and good aim!


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