Thursday, October 26, 2006

Teach for America update #2

I had my interview with TFA on Tuesday and can you believe that I overslept! Now, I managed to make it to the interview on time and completely dressed, but I still overslept past the time I wanted to get up and did actually get to the site later than I wanted to, however did manage to get there in time...but, it still really stressed me out!

That being said, I think the interview went really, really well. There were 9 other applicants there that day, but that isn't really important because TFA isn't competitive in the sense that you're working against other applicants...basically if you meet TFA's requirements and standards then you'll be selected.

We started off each leading a five-minute class session using a lesson plan we created. I taught basic numbers and primary colors in Mikasuki and everyone said they really enjoyed it. The others taught things ranging from DNA to personification. I found the mix of subjects people chose to be really interesting, along with the grade levels they chose those subjects to represent.

After that we had a group problem (the interviewers basically stood back and watched us interact) to work out that basically put us in the role of teachers on a school leadership team whose school is not meeting standards and what recommendations did we have to help meet those standards. I think that went well except that I think we failed to address the topic we were assigned fully...I think the group just jumped in and started thinking of ideas to fix the problem without recognizing that we were given a specific task. I tried several times to get us back on task, but they sort of ignored me? I'm not sure what to make of that?

Finally, there was a one-on-one interview with myself and a TFA staffer. I think that went really well. But I suppose the true measure is if I'm hired/selected to join TFA.

I find out on November 7 if I've been selected, so keep praying!

Thanks Be to God and Boomer Sooner!
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