Thursday, August 30, 2007

There's only 1 Oklahoma!

Saturday marks the start of the Oklahoma football season as the #8 Oklahoma Sooners take on the Mean Green of the University of North Texas at 7pm eastern on Fox Sports.

Now, the Mean Green may not be much of a test for OU, but there's still a lot to learn about this year's Sooner team. Most importantly, it will be interesting how the new starting quarterback, Sam Bradford, will do.

I CAN NOT wait for 7pm Saturday night! It's a little weird living in New York state and being in an area where college football just doesn't seem to be important in the general culture as it was in the South where I grew up. I mention football to someone and all I normally get is a blank stare...WTF?

Anyway, in honor of Saturday's kick off here's some history and great videos for your (and my) enjoyment!

The #1 Program of the modern era:
Oklahoma is the winningest program in what is widely considered the modern era of college football. OU has the most victories and best winning percentage of any team since the end of World War II.

The Sooners have earned seven AP National Championships in that span and are recognized by the NCAA for 16 titles (source). OU has spent more weeks ranked in the top five (342) of the poll than any other team and is tied with Notre Dame for most weeks ranked No. 1 (95). The AP poll began in 1936.

Victories, 1946-2006:
1. Oklahoma: 524
2. Alabama: 492

Winning Percentage, 1946-2006:
1. Oklahoma: .761 (524-160-13)
2. Ohio State: .743 (484-160-20)

Weeks Ranked Top 5 in AP Poll:
1. Oklahoma: 341
2. Nebraska: 294

Weeks Ranked #1 in AP Poll:
1 tie. Oklahoma & Notre Dame: 95
3. Ohio State: 88

1985 - 1975 - 1974
1956 - 1055 - 1950
And finally, two great highlight videos (first is a general highlight, the second video is a highlight video from the 2000 National Championship season and gives me goosebumps every time I watch it!

Thanks Be to God and BOOMER SOONER!

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Church...or the lack thereof

I consider myself a lifelong Christian and someone who truly loves his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Yet, for the last couple of years I've had a really difficult time attending church. The problem is that I just don't feel that I'm getting much out of it.

Now, the conservative Catholic bloggers I read on a normal basis would say that my problem is that I'm focusing on feelings, and the Mass isn't about feeling. And, intellectually, I know they're correct. But what am I supposed to do when I don't believe that I'm growing and maturing spiritually by my attendance at Mass.

Perhaps this all goes back to my upbringing as a United Methodist. I don't know.

I feel the need to attend a Methodist Church, if only to see whether this trouble is confined to Catholicism or other strains of Christianity for me. The problem is, though, that I simply can't stomach the liberal leanings of the Protestants I've found thus far in the North.

The liberal, welcoming, rainbow flying Protestant chuches I've come across both here in NY state and in Boston, just don't mesh with my southern understanding of Protestantism. They may as well not be Christians...well, perhaps that's a little harsh.

The other problem I have with Protestantism is that I've truly come to believe what the Catholic Church teaches. Even when I have gone out and attended a Protestant service, I just have this big rock in my gut, because I know I believe something they don't.

Which leads me back to feeling I have no spiritual home and leaves me sitting at home on Sunday's when I should be at Church (never mind the whole mortal sin problem).

What do I do? Where should I turn? I just don't know?