Monday, September 17, 2007

breathing room

Finally...a little breathing room.

I've been living from paycheck to paycheck for years now. I was the epitome of starving college/grad student. Ramen noodles and I are good, good friends (luckily, I actually like ramen noodles).

Then I got this sweet job that I have now. I love my job! Maybe I'm still in the honeymoon program, but I'm loving it right now. I love being able to work with students and help them succeed.

But, one would think that leaving school and finally getting a good paying job, with real benefits would really loosen up the purse-strings. But, in my case that wasn't the case. Here's why.

When I received my job offer I had already made plans to stay in Boston for at least a year, and had plans to stay on at the museum I was working with. I had already agreed to rent an apartment for the summer in Boston when I realized I would be moving prior to the end of that sub-lease.

So, I moved to my new job and rented a place in the town, but I was still paying rent in Boston. Now, I know some of you will say I should have just let the Boston apartment go. And normally I would have. The problem was that I was sub-leasing from a friend of mine at Harvard. If it weren't for that fact I would have definitely stopped paying the rent in Boston. But, I just couldn't do that to a friend.

So, from June though August I was paying two rents in two cities. It wasn't until this past Friday that I received a paycheck that wasn't taken by one of the rents. Wow, it's like I'm rich all of a sudden. Too bad I'm not!

Now, don't go assuming that I'm rolling in dough now...I'm not. There are a billion things I need to get, that I haven't because I was spending all my income on two apartments.

When I moved to Boston, I sold everything, and I mean everything, I owned. Now, I have a new apartment and I have nothing. I'm trying to get all my kitchen stuff, all the normal stuff a house needs like cleaning stuff, bed linens for a new bed (luckily I rented a place that was furnished).

And, on top of home needs, I need to outfit myself. I've been living, and dressing, as a student for about ten years. Needless to say, my wardrobe wasn't exactly office friendly. Luckily for me, the office I work in is very flexible and I've been able to wear jeans and polo shirts most of the time and its hunky-dory.

But, I definitely would like to upgrade my wardrobe to a more business casual look. It would make me feel more professional, and I think it would help me as I navigate different offices on campus. 'Cause, let's be honest, I don't look like a 35 year old student services professional...I look like a young grad student...and people often treat me as such. It isn't their fault, that's what they are used to and I look the part. So, I'm working on upgrading my wardrobe.

And then I'm also trying to save for a decent older used car, wanting to take a trip back to Oklahoma to see friends, etc., etc., etc.

So, it definitely feels good to be a little more financially free since I'm not paying two rents, but there are lots of other places I need to direct that money. I guess, in reality, I'm not really any better off financially, but that I'm finally able to focus on some of my material needs. Which, all in all, feels pretty darn good.

Thanks Be to God and Boomer Sooner!



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