Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

So, I know quite a few bloggers play Thursday Thirteen and I thought I might try it too. The basic idea is every Thursday you come up with a list of thirteen items. Thursday Thirteen can literally be about anything.

I guess I'll see how it goes. So, my very first Thursday Thirteen (in no particular order):

13 Things You'll Never Hear an Indian* Say:

1) "You can't feed that to the dog!"
2) "Do you think my hair is too long?"
3) "I can't wear shorts - look how white my legs are."
4) "My Grandma was a Cherokee Princess."
5) "I've never eaten beans."
6) "Sorry, but you can't sleep hear tonight."
7) "Hey, anybody want this block of cheese?"
8) "The judges were right, the other dancer deserved to win."
9) "No thanks, I'm a vegetarian."
10) "No, I won't help you move."
11) "My tribal officials are the most trustworthy people in the whole world."
12) "No thanks, I don't want any frybread."
13) "I'm gonna vote for the most qualified candidate for Tribal Council and not my relative."

*American Indians...not India Indians.



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At 5:10 AM, Blogger Bloggers said...

Great post!! Made me laugh out.
my 13 is up on

At 9:21 AM, Blogger Nancy J. Bond said...

Very inventive list! :)


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