Thursday, September 27, 2007

I get to see the Dalai Lama!

I am so freakin' psyched! I was given a ticket to see the Dalai Lama when he comes to Ithaca in a couple of weeks. I don't even believe in Nirvana, but you know what? I'm there!

So, here's the scoop...

The Cornell United Religious Work (CURW is the clearinghouse for all the various chaplaincies on campus) invited me to come and speak to the chaplains about the American Indian Program, challenges faced by American Indian students, and my personal academic interest in the intersection of Native and Christian traditions.

It was a great meeting. I really enjoyed meeting all of them. There were chaplains from all the various Christian traditions, as well as other world religious traditions. They seemed really interested in learning more about the challenges American Indians face in the American educational system. I hope I was able to give them information that they may not have known and will be useful for them.

Then, they gave me a ticket to the Dalai Lama event, which CURW is basically hosting. I'm telling you that just getting to meet those chaplains and talking with them was probably the best thing I've done in months...but, then they gave me a ticket to see the Dalai Lama.

This job just keeps getting betterer and betterer!

Thanks Be to God and Boomer Sooner!



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